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Never seem to have enough staff?

Food & Retail industries in need of constant replacement due to high turnover rate. We understand that you’re tired of exploring all hiring options to solve your staff hiring problems.


Application forms do not usually reach HQ resulting in high leakage of cross-hiring among outlets. With Insights product, you are able to search and keep track of your potential candidates. It’s like a GPS that helps you detect and navigate your potential candidates you didn’t know would exist.

Having problems in hiring non-executive staff?

We reach out to your target non-executive potentials more effectively than the traditional channels such as newspaper and television. Job portals with easy, fast and friendly user experiences!


Smart ad focuses on non-executive and junior executive segments. With advance dashboard and management tools, it allows you to reach jobseekers based on your preferred language filter, Malay, English & Mandarin. Now you can hire the perfect candidate for your business!


Companies require constant and massive hiring. This becomes a problem as they are limited to options like newspapers classifieds when the target audience are increasingly mobile first.


Sonar, our social media advertising allows you to specify your target audience and big bang recruitment announcement effectively. By leveraging our large database of users and followers (FB, Instagram, SMS, Email, etc.), we are able to improve your campaign success rate. Every potential candidate counts!

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